CPhT Connect - Vol. 2 Issue 2 2021

This issue of CPhT Connect includes:

America’s Opioid Epidemic: An Update from Netflix’s ‘The Pharmacist’

Follow up on the story of a New Orleans pharmacist, Dan Schneider, whose son was murdered in a drug deal gone wrong. Coupled with the pain from his son’s death, the sudden increase in high-dosage opioid prescriptions coming into his pharmacy led Schneider to combat New Orleans’ growing opioid issue.

Specialty Pharmacy at a Glance

A specialty pharmacy is a state-licensed pharmacy that solely or largely provides medications for people with serious health conditions requiring complex therapies. Take a deeper look into the duties they perform to provide the best care to their patients and better understand what it takes to perform these duties to the best of their ability.

Continuing Education: Allergies or Not?

Colds, allergic rhinitis, and sinus infections are some of the most common conditions for which patients self-medicate and initiate access to the health care system. Many individuals have difficulty differentiating these conditions as they all have similar manifestations and incorporate the same symptoms. However, it is vital to be able to distinguish between these upper respiratory disorders in order to take the appropriate treatment approach.

Other stories covering:

Pediatric Medication Flavoring

Breast Cancer

Prostate Cancer