CPhT Connect - Vol. 2 Issue 3 2021

This issue of CPhT Connect includes:

Preventing the Top 10 Medication Errors and Hazards from 2020

Take a deep dive into the top medication errors from 2020 and the ways you could potentially prevent them from ever occurring.

In the Mix: Different Types of Compounding Pharmacies

Different types of pharmacies—like retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, and even mail-order pharmacies –exist to serve the varied needs of patients and health care providers. With each type of pharmacy playing different roles and being very specific to the needs of the patients they serve at any given time. Each pharmacist and pharmacy technician has a specific mission but the same goal to provide patient safety.

Continuing Education: Understanding Addiction

The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) has defined addiction “as a chronic, relapsing disorder”. Drug misuse refers to the “improper or unhealthy use from use of a medication as prescribed or alcohol in moderation.” These include the repeated use of drugs to produce pleasure, relieve stress, and/or alter or avoid reality. With nearly 21 million Americans suffering from at least one addiction and only 10% of them receiving treatment, it is important to understand what addiction is and how to treat it without conflict.

Other stories covering:

Dietary Supplements for Women

Dietary Supplements for Men

Supplements for Children