CPhT Connect - Vol. 3 Issue 1 2022

This issue of CPhT Connect includes:

Affordable & Accessible Advancement Opportunites for Certified Pharmacy Technicians

The National Pharmacy Technician Association has long been the industry leader in advanced training programs and specialty certifications for pharmacy technicians, such as their sterile compounding program where NPTA has trained and certified more than 13,000 individuals. BPTSʼs new certifications and certificates expand on NPTAʼs mission to support, educate, and advocate for pharmacy technicians. Dive in and discover what is included in NPTAʼs new Board of Pharmacy Technician Specialties program.

Purchasing Skills 101: An Overview of Purchasing Skills in the Pharmacy

As the years have passed, the obstacles of raw material shortages and manufacturing delays, coupled with increasing drug prices, have brought a great deal of stress to the task. Being a Pharmacy Buyer (or purchasing agent as it is referred to in many facilities) requires great communication skills and a positive can-do attitude, along with the ability to think critically and act quickly. Learn the ins and outs of purchasing in the pharmacy!

Communication Rx: An Overview of Communication Skills in the Pharmacy

Communication in the pharmacy is a crucial skill, whether with the patients or other co-workers. Knowing how to communicate properly can go a long way in ensuring you and your pharmacy implement best practices to provide essential care to patients and healthy work environments with other co-workers

Continuing Education: The Drug Supply Chain Act

The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) was passed in Congress and signed into action by President Obama on November 27, 2013. The Act is Title 2 of the Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA) and amended the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act. It is currently being implemented in phases spanning from 2013 to 2023. Get a deep dive into the distribution chain and discover the purposes of both titles
under the Drug Quality and Security Act

Other stories covering:

Osteoporosis for Women

Colon Cancer in Men

Otitis Media in Children