Episode 005 – How to Deal with Burnout ft.
Dr. Jessica Louie

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Today, we welcome Dr. Jessica Louie to the show as we discuss stress and burnout in the workplace while trying to find ways to avoid it. The reality is that stress and burnout are real problems in the workplace when it comes to pharmacies.

Dr. Jessica Louie is the CEO of Clarify Simplify Align. Dr. Louie is also the host of the Burnout Doctor Podcast, where she coaches healthcare professionals to simplify their life. By doing this, the stress can begin to alleviate which can be key in avoiding burnout. Dr. Louie helps people align their work into their life, break free from people pleasing and perfectionism, and learn how to thrive life on their terms.

The work-life balance is a lie!

 – Dr. Jessica Louie

Topics discussed in this episode include:

• How burnout is different from stress
• Cynicism and negative viewpoints
• A first person view of what burnout looks like in the pharmacy
• Common ways pharmacy professionals experience burnout
• How new credentials create pressure on technicians
• Settings that experience a higher rate of burnout
• Most common concerns and complaints heard from pharmacy technicians
• How to view joy in the workplace
• What actions to take to combat burnout in the workplace
• Why work-life balance is a lie

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