Episode 006 - The Dark Side of Big Pharma ft.
Stanley Warren

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Today, we welcome Stan Warren, CEO of Nude Pharma, to the show as we the dark side of big pharma and the pricing crisis in regard to epipens.

Stan Warren states that he is on a mission to bring transparency into the pharmaceuitcal world. In turn, the hopes are that this journey will lead to more honesty and lead the pharmaceutical world putting patients over profit.

My goal is to create a company that can force change or lobby change

– Stan Warren

Topics discussed in this episode include:

• The background on epipens and auto-injectors
• The rise in price for epipens
• How Stan Warren got involved in fighting big pharma
• The strategies taken against big pharma
• Heather Bresch’s role with Mylan
• Mark Cuban’s generic drug company and mission
• Evaluating prices of epipens in the United States
• The goal of Nude Pharma with epipens

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