Episode 007 - Losing the Stigma of Working in Retail Pharmacy ft. Whitney Jo Hummel

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Today, we welcome Whitney Jo Hummel, CPhT Adv and CSPT, to discuss the stigma behind working in retail pharmacy and why it must end.

Having both worked in both retail and hospital settings, Whitney brings a unique perspective to the discussion.

You have to be a very strong person to work in retail pharmacy… but that’s not a bad thing! Sometimes people can get overwhelmed, but it is not less significant than working in a hospital.

– Whitney Jo Hummel

Topics discussed in this episode include:

• The various settings Whitney has worked in
• The average day on the frontlines of administering COVID Immunizations and tests
• What experience do you need to work in a hospital pharmacy?
• The stigma of retail pharmacy and why it exists
• Changing the perception of retail pharmacy
• Why retail pharmacy can be beneficial to technicians
• The pros and cons of hospital pharmacy
• The pros and cons of retail pharmacy

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