Episode 12 - The Journey to Being a Pharmacy Technician Instructor ft. Josh Cano

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This week Mike speaks with Josh Cano. Josh is a certified pharmacy technician as well as the Director of Education at NPTA. Mike has known Josh since 2001, first as a student and today as the longest serving staff member, aside from Mike himself, at NPTA.  

Topics discussed in this episode include:

• What sparked Josh’s interest in becoming a technician

• Josh’s journey in starting in pharmacy and how he got started in non-sterile compounding

• How did Josh begin his career as an instructor

• What has Josh learned from training so many technicians

• Josh’s favorite thing about teaching and least favorite thing about teaching

• The commonalities amongst technicians and pharmacists

• Advice for students and brand-new technicians

• Advice for technicians who may feel trapped or stuck in a rut in their current   position

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