Episode 021 - Adaptability, Empathy and Humanizing Healthcare with Dr. Cory Jenks

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This episode features Cory Jenks, Pharmacist and Improv Comedian. In this episode, Mike and Cory discuss Cory’s background and what led him to improv while ultimately discovering how improv is so important to roles in the pharmacy while also touching base on Cory’s new book: “Permission to Care: Building a Healthcare Culture that Thrives in Chaos”.

Cory teaches his core principles and what they ultimately mean to the value and care pharmacy technicians can provide to their patients.


Topics discussed in this episode include:

• How Cory was introduced to improv

• What led Cory to choose the improv path

• Why improv is so important in the pharmacy

• What ‘Permission to Care’ covers and why Cory decided to write the book

• Why adaptability, empathy, and humanizing healthcare are the most important tenants of Cory’s book

• What improv takeaways can listeners start using

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