Episode 024 - Becoming a Pharmacy Badass ft. Lisa Faast Part 1

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Part 1 features Dr. Lisa Faast, CEO at DiversifyRx. In this episode, Mike and Dr. Faast discuss what DiversifyRx does and what they offer as well as Dr. Faast’s own podcast, “How to Be a Pharmacy Badass”. They dive into how the idea should be implemented by pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in their day to day operations in the pharmacy.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • • What DiversifyRx does and what the mission is
  • • How Dr. Faast started her podcast, “How to Be a Pharmacy Badass”
  • • The goal of Dr. Faast’s podcast 


Reach out to Dr. Faast:

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DiversifyRx Facebook

DiversifyRx LinkedIn

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