Episode 026 - Diving into the National Healthcareer Association ft. Jessica Langley and Jeremy Sasser

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This episode is from our FIRST LIVE podcast recording during the third day of our Pharmacy Technician Student Summit. In this episode, Mike sits down with Jessica Langley, Executive Director of Education and Advocacy at the National Healthcareer Association, and Jeremy Sasser, Pharmacy Content Strategist at the National Healthcareer Association, to discuss NHA’s national certification exam for pharmacy technicians, advocacy efforts, and how the association provides a multitude of pathways and opportunities for aspiring pharmacy technicians.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • • Diving into what the NHA national certification exam consists of 
  • • The advocacy efforts of NHA
  • • The multitude of pathways that NHA provides for aspiring pharmacy technicians

Reach out to the featured guests:

Jessica Langley’s LinkedIn

Jeremy Sasser’s LinkedIn

NHA Main Website

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